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A very powerful system will greatly impact the Great Lakes region and Midwest this afternoon and evening. Winds over 60MPH (perhaps up to 95MPH in bow echoes) and tornados will impact the region. In fact, such winds have already been reported in South Dakota as of Monday morning. As these storms move east, they will bring strong winds right into Michigan.

Later today (this evening/early night) more storms will fire along the cold front. According to the SPC, very powerful winds can be expected in the hatched area- S Wisconsin to S Michigan. In addition, tornadoes, some strong, could spin up in Wisconsin where wind sheer and CAPE are suitable for rotation.

A derecho was underway as of Monday morning in S Dakota, bringing winds up to 100MPH through the area. However, the storms during the evening look more threatening (especially for Wisconsin and Michigan). Again, strong tornadoes cannot be ruled out in Wisconsin (EF2 or higher) with these conditions.

In Michigan, very strong winds will likely impact areas around 1-94 and 1-96. These storms will then move towards Detroit. Many parameters, such as the sig tornado parameter, were off the charts yesterday. Today it appears that instead, the straight-line winds will be the bigger threat. Many more people will be impacted by strong winds than tornadoes.

It should also be noted that large hail will be possible in the enhanced risk area in Wisconsin where large echo tops and temperature characteristics will support development. Also, a hatched area signifies a moderate tornado potential in Wisconsin later today. However, this is not a guarantee at this point. If things become clearer later today than a moderate risk (4/5) will replace the enhanced risk (3/5) in the hatched areas.


Updates Continued… — June 18, 2015

Updates Continued…

Good day everyone! The story that I am currently working on is going very well. Expect a release date later this summer/early fall. I will resume posting next week when I conclude my writing. Thanks for your patience!


Party Work :) — June 13, 2015

Party Work :)

Hey everyone! I plan on working on a huge project for the blog over the next couple of weeks, which means that posts will be very sparodic until then. But don’t worry…. I have a MASSIVE story planned for later this summer! Expect 30+ pages of awesomeness!

I just need time to work on the story, so posts will not occur every day. Expect about 3-4 posts per week. 


No Posts Thursday/Friday — June 11, 2015
24-Hour Transform: Life as a Rock — June 10, 2015

24-Hour Transform: Life as a Rock

What began as any ordinary morning quickly escalated into the most ridiculous day of my life. I remember it as if it were two weeks ago, on what seemed to be a bright, sunny, warm day with a high near 82 and a low of about 63. Nearly every aspect of that (crazy) day is still drilled into my mind- every minute, every second- almost as if time had come to a standstill and never ceased to advanced.

It was the day that I mysteriously turned into a rock. For 24 hours.

Now you are probably wondering how I turned into a rock, what it felt like, what I was thinking, etcetera. Well you are sure in luck because I have conveniently written a blog post about all of these feelings below! Enjoy!

So… I turned into a rock. Doesn’t that sound thrilling? Probably not.

Here’s what happened. At about 8:32AM (again, I somehow remember everything to the second!) my stomach began to hurt very badly. I initially thought that I was coming down with a sickness of some sort. Well… I was sure wrong.

After a couple minutes passed by, I hopped onto the computer and, under the assumption that I had a virus of some sort, searched for what could be the cause of my symptoms. Some of the results that I ran upon included influenza, dehydration, and medicine overdose. After a quick analysis, I determined that these were likely not the causes of my stomach ache. So I kept looking.

It wasn’t until about 9:02AM that I ran upon an article regarding a direct correlation between stomach aches and ‘transformations into rocks’. At first I thought that I was reading some sort of fake post and decided to ignore it. However, just before I hit the back button, something caught my eye. According to the site, 1 in 100000000000000000000 people get what is called Invourisionipia (short for ‘rock disease’). Hmmm… That certainly couldn’t have been my problem!

At least that is what I thought.

Okay, so by now I think that I have made my initial reactions fairly clear. To sum things up so far… I was panicking and overreacting in a frenzy! Well, I thought that I was overreacting until the next symptom appeared: A complete loss of senses. That’s right. I couldn’t hear, see, feel, smell, echolocate, or detect anything! It was at this moment that I knew I had Invourisionpia (I just realized that I could have copied the word from above and pasted it here rather than typing it all over again. Whoops!) My nightmare had officially begun. I was now a rock!

Just as the final transformations came to an end, I mysteriously gained some of my senses back. But these were not any ordinary senses. These were rock senses.

As I sat on the floor in the middle of my living room (at least I think I was there) I suddenly noticed that my ‘sense of location’ reemerged from within. Even more, I still possessed the ability to think! Apparently rocks have feelings too. (Well, rocks can’t cry or anything, but you get the point… or maybe you have no idea what I am talking about right now!)

Anyways, after some amount of time went by, I developed something called ‘rock-vision’. This unique rock sense, only inherent within certain phylums of rocks, was truly remarkable. I could actually see other rocks around me! Even more, I could actually see the entire world in a grey-ish 2D vision, almost like what you would see in a 1930s movie. However, I was still in a deep shock. I had rock disease at its finest.

For the next 24 hours I sat in the middle of my living room, lonely and without anyone to talk to, afraid of a possible human/animal attack from the outer-reaches of the furniture surrounding me. The only positive that came to mind was the fact that I did not redevelop the sense of smell for about 14 hours into my ‘rock trance’. And let me tell you, that was a big positive, because the ground sure didn’t smell too good! 

I should also mention that about 21 hours into my case of Invourisionpia a family member, who I could not recognize, approached me without warning. Bracing for impact, I quickly grabbed my neck and… oh wait, I couldn’t do anything. Rather, I simply sat on the floor motionless as a monstrous stinky foot crashed onto me from above. Even worse, this ‘person’ had a bad case of athletes foot! It must have been my brother! Luckily, I did not redevelop the sense of ‘feel’ until about 23 hours into Invourisionpia, so I did not feel any pain. However, that foot sure smelled bad! Whew!

Once 24 hours passed by I somehow changed back into a human (although I have no idea how!) and sat back on the couch were my computer awaited me. As I sat there in shock, I began to feel a slight pain in my right ear. After a couple minutes of panic, I quickly searched for possible illnesses that could cause such a pain. I found the following: An ear infection… no. Strep throat… nah. Prenioeducai (short for ‘piano disease’)… hmm.

Until next time, have a fantastic day! And remember, as real as the story above may have sounded, it was 100% NOT real. If you get a stomach ache than DO NOT diagnose yourself with Invourisionpia!

-Nathan (In human form)

Monthly Parties! — June 9, 2015

Monthly Parties!

Okay, so things have definitely been going well here on the blog. I have had numerous views over the past week, with the count climbing by the day, and even some viewers from different countries! This success means that I am doing something right… But why should I stop there?

I have been trying to think of a way that I could make my blog different from the others. So here is what I thought: Wouldn’t it be awesome if I created monthly parties and posted them right here on the blog? Here is what I mean… On a select three days during each month I will create tons of blog posts revolving around one topic. That topic could include Halloween, the First Day of Summer, or even my birthday. Stay tuned for more information on what this months party will be (although I just mentioned it)!

Any thoughts?

Basketball Battle Week One Overview —

Basketball Battle Week One Overview

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I promised that I would keep you guys up to date on my basketball record against my brother! At the time of my previous post the record was 3-2 (with me winning, of course). However, things drastically changed for the worst as I became dehydrated the following day. Although I had my shot down, I just did not have the energy to ace my brother yet again. In previous games I was able to slither past him like a snake, but that just didn’t happen that day. Instead, I lost the first two games and forfeited the third because I didn’t feel good enough to go on. The day ended with a record of 3-3. 

(Btw, I should mention that we play games of 5 (win by two). The person who reaches three ‘wins’ first is the winner)

After my loss, I regained strength and became super Nathan! I won the next three games in a row and brought the record up to 6-3. After only one more loss, I won another game, leaving the record at 7-4.

However, my most recent game was a bit of a disappointment. I was just about to win when I apparently fouled my brother. The shot didn’t count and my brother ended up winning the game. But no worries… I’ll be back to beat him next time!